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Red Wiggler worms scientific name Eisenia foetida


They are well known as hard-working and very efficient worm when it comes to composting kitchen scraps and leftovers. Are you looking to order composting worms for your worm composting bins or are you simply looking for fishing baits? Then look no further!

We, at GardenWorms.com offers you 2,000 healthy and chunky Red Wiggler worms at a very affordable price. Receive 2,000 wriggler worm in various stages of growth right are your doorstep!

For over 30 years, GardenWorms.com is one of the tops worm farms that produce quality Red Wiggler worms. We take pride in giving our valuable customers hale and hearty composting worms that they need.


GardenWorms.com guarantees careful shipment so worms arrive alive and wriggling at your doorstep! We ship every Monday via USPS Priority Mail. (usually 3 days anywhere in America) If worms perish in route we replace FREE OF CHARGE!.


FREE SHIPPING ON ORDER of 2,000 Red Wiggler Worms!

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