Commercial Vermicomposting Systems

The widespread of worm composting has encouraged many businessmen to develop commercial vermicomposting systems that would allow multiple production of the end product.

If small vermicomposting is only done at home through the use of worm bin, large scale vermicomposting uses technologically advanced facilities to fasten the production and reproduction of Red Wiggler worms which is the most common composting worms used.  Today, we have the Windrows and Flow thru Bed systems which make large scale vermicomposting possible.

Windrow is actually a commercial vermicomposting system which requires mechanical harvester because this system makes it hard to harvest the vermicompost.  This further requires big and literally wide buildings.  To make the Red Wiggler worms happy, a hose is placed on top of the windrows to keep the worms moist especially during summer.  A windrow system can produce around 10 tons of compost weekly.

Meanwhile, flow-through system or also called raised bed system is often preferred during cold seasons.  This system no longer requires you to separate the worms from the compost when harvesting.  This is because of the fact that Red Wiggler worms are by nature surface dwellers.  This system also comes in different sizes.  The 5’x8’ size is able to process as much as 100lb of wastes per day.  The bigger the system, the more products you can have.  Another advantage is that you no longer need to turn or manually mix the materials and nutrients are kept intact.

If you have plans of exploring commercial vermicomposting systems, you have to study the two carefully before deciding which one you should buy.  They are both effective in worm composting especially if you use Red Wiggler worms but you have to check which one suits your area and your resources.

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