The Worm Factory

greenwfThere’s no better way to make your worm composting adventure better than by using the Worm Factory.  Professionals can testify to how well this product is because it’s definitely better in many ways as compared to other brands.

Worm Factory can be availed anytime you feel using it because it is manufactured all year round.  If you are just starting, you can first buy the three layer bin and if you eventually enjoy the work, have the 7-tray bin.  Worm factory is especially made for those who have limited space at home.  The 3-layer bin only measures 16″ x 16″ x 21″ so you are sure that it won’t eat much of your space at home.  Also, with the 7-tray bin, you know very well that you can have as much composting worms as you want because it can house 8,000-12,000 worms.  You can just imagine the amount of organic fertilizer that you can get from that number of composting worms.  It is also suitable for apartments because it is odor free.  It also has a worm tea collector tray.

Another rationale behind the expandable tray is for easy harvesting.  You will have to settle the worms at the first layer and when they have already exhausted their foods, they will by instinct climb the second layer.  That way, their castings will be left on the first tray for you to harvest.  It is very convenient, isn’t it?  Instead of you having to transfer the worms using your hand just to separate them from their waste, they will already do it on their own.  Most of all, with Worm Factory, you can expect 100% natural compost.

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