Compost News Update: Voters Have their Say on Compost Facility in Palo Alto

The compost movement continues to build across the country. As municipalities continue to look at the environmental benefits of composting, voters continue to get the opportunity to hit the polls to make their community a greener place to live. While initial budgets are a continuous issue, the long-term benefits and seem to be winning out.

From the Mercury News site:

“Palo Alto voters in November will be asked to weigh in on the controversial idea of building a composting facility in the Baylands.

The Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters determined supporters of the Palo Alto Green Energy and Compost Initiative obtained 5,128 valid signatures, according to City Clerk Donna Grider, 772 more than they needed to put the measure on the ballot.

The county registrar estimated it would cost about $305,100 to hold a special election with just one measure in Palo Alto in November, Grider said. The cost of validating the signatures was not included in the estimate.

The measure seeks to “undedicate” 10 acres of the 126-acre landfill at Byxbee Park for a compost operation. The landfill is currently slated to be turned into parkland once it reaches capacity and is capped.”

Read full article here.

Communities need to speak out to make composting part of their day to day life. If there has been no move towards community-wide composting in your town or city, reach out to your parks and recreation department and see what steps have been taken, if any, to move toward composting practices.

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