Have a Compost Party!

The smoky smell of a barbecue pit, the clanging of horseshoes being thrown, rows of cars parked along streets, the time is soon approaching when the spring and summer barbecues will take over your weekend schedule. While you plan your next festivities for family and friends, try and keep in mind how you can be eco-minded and make your party a party for your compost bin and the environment as well!

Getting Ready

Planning on a last minute grass cutting session? Need to prune your hedges to impress your guests?  Those great green materials can layer in with your compost nicely.

Paper or Plastic?

Paper plates and cups make the perfect choice for serving your outdoor barbecue fare, at least from a compost standpoint. To make things easy for your guests, place a trash can labeled PAPER in an easy to access spot so all of that paper waste ends up in the right place.


Sometimes people find that their eyes are really bigger than their bellies when eating at a party.  Remind your guests that you’re compost bin can handle many of their food scraps, all except for

  • Meat
  • Fish and Poultry
  • Cheese
  • Oily foods (may-based salads for example)
  • Butter
  • Other animal products

Having another easy-to-spot trash bin labeled “vegetable scraps” would be a nice way to harvest these remainders and relieve you of any plat scraping.

Enjoy the coming months’ outdoor festivities but your compost practices need not fail with the extra scraps. Use the party to your advantage to increase your composting efforts.

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