Love your morning coffee? So will your compost.

Do you love your morning cup of java? Well, you’re not along. In 2000, the National Coffee Association estimated that 54% of the adult population of the United States drinks coffee every day and another 25% drink coffee occasionally. Gourmet coffee shops claim 18.12% of those coffee drinkers on a daily basis. The point? There is A LOT of coffee being consumed all around the US, and from the perspective of a composter, that creates a lot of nitrogen-rich compost materials to be found.

How many Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks coffee shops do you have within three square miles of your house? Best guess would say at least 2. Each of those coffee shops will have pounds of coffee grinds left at the end of any given day for which they have no use. How can you reap the benefits of our nation’s obsession with the morning cup, or cups, of coffee?

  • Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, a mineral that helps to maintain the proper temperature and pH level in your compost bin to obtain the very best results for your compost.
  • If you have an outdoor compost bin and your neighboring critters like to try to munch away at the organic material in your bin, coffee grounds are a natural deterrent so layer them on top of the kitchen scraps that draw unwanted attention from your woodland neighbors.
  • Coffee is perfectly safe to add to your bin if you are composting with red wiggler worms.

Stop by your local coffee shop and talk to them about getting a portion of their coffee grounds on a regular basis for your compost bin. Your local city dump and your compost will both reap the benefits.

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