Types of composting bins

There are many types of composting bins, and they range from a variety of shapes, designs, capacities, and make. Other than these basic features of compost bins, these containers should be able to keep in the most important elements when it comes to composting, and that is to keep things inside the bin moist and warm.

Anyway, some people might post this question, how to make a composter exactly? Well, you have two choices. You can opt to buy a commercially-made compost bin, or make one yourself. It’s quite simple actually. You can even recycle an old trash can, and have this made into a make-shift compost container. But before you can even use this, make sure to have this cleaned with non-toxic materials (as not to contaminate the contents of your bin with chemicals later on). It should also have a lid that you can use to cover it.

There are also a lot of composting bins that you can use at your convenience; and there is always an alternative for your preferred composter for home use. And if you simply have no garden and only have a limited space in your house, then you can always make room for those indoor composters. Take for example a kitchen composter. You’ll be able to find a lot of choices that you can place on your kitchen counter-top, or simply slip under your sink. So when you’re looking to find bins that you can access right away, then you definitely have a lot of options that you can consider.

But if you’re looking for composters for outdoor use  (whether for some regular composting or vermicomposting) and have a spacious garden for placing such, then you might want to think about using a few of these selections: a stationary plastic bin composter, a compost tumbler, a rotating orb composter (or a rolling composter), a wooden composter, a block/brick or stone bin, or a wire or plastic mesh-made composter (amongst other choices).

But instead of buying, you should know that the best compost bins homemade work best, since you know that it’s something that you’ve worked hard on. But which ever it is that you settle for, make sure to take into account the following things before getting and using any composter:

  • Make sure that it’s something that you won’t need to spend a lot for
  1. Consider shipping cost
  2. Check for warranties
  • It should be easy and convenient to use
  • It should be able to help speed up the production and the process of composting
  • Consider your locations climate as this may affect your bin’s make (structure, material and color wise)
  • Determine which type of composting to use it for and the quantity of stuff that you intend to put inside the bin
  • Consider your preferred bin capacity
  • If you don’t want unwanted pest visits, make sure to get your bin a cover or lid

There are different types of composting bins for enclosed spaces or for open-air use. You just need to know which one it is that will suit your preferences and your limitations.

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