Water Gardening: How to look after your water garden

If you’re tired from tending your soil garden, how about trying out some water gardening? Not only is it a great substitute from all those soil-related planting, you can also establish a selection of water garden plants into it. Furthermore, your water garden will not only look visually appealing, it will also be able to tend to some of the best kinds of natural pest controllers (just take toads for instance, one of the most effective biological pest controls there is).

The value in having a water garden

The addition of a backyard water garden can certainly enhance the whole look of your house. In fact, having a pond that contains aquatic plants and pond-living creatures (i.e. Koi’s and Gold Fish) can help invite different creatures into the space. Moreover, a water feature such as a pond can also give out a relaxing atmosphere.

Things that should be considered when creating a water garden

Whether you’re building a patio water garden or one that just simply sits outdoors, the first two things that you should consider are the location and size. Know where to build your garden, and know how big or small it would be. It’s also best not to place your pond near trees, as your biggest challenge would be is to fish out the falling leaves afterwards. You’re going to have to deal with contamination too should you still decide to have a tree above your garden.

Moreover, the best area to place this type of garden is an area where the sun always shines the brightest (plant and aquatic creatures will thrive in this kind of environment). Of course, providing a nice location for your water plants is already a means of looking out for each ones proper care.

Know which water garden plants to grow

It’s best that you know what kinds of plants to grow right after applying your water garden ideas. And as a basic rule, you should place a shallow plant, a deep-water plant (i.e. water lily), and a floating plant (i.e. water soldier) into your pond. Including one of each kind into your aquatic garden is quite essential.

What kind of water to use for your water garden

Your water garden won’t need too much maintenance, as it can basically look after itself. But the one thing that you should be concerned about is what kind of water to use for it. Now, you only have two kinds that you can choose from. There’s tap water and there’s rainwater. But the suitable answer to this is to use rainwater. The use of tap water will only introduce some minerals into the garden, which can actually help encourage the growth of weeds later on.

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