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Brooklyn Keeps Getting Greener

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Prospect Heights Grand Army Plaza was the sight of a massive compost effort at the initiation of the new GrowNY program behind a composting effort launched throughout a multitude of neighborhoods around New York City.

On March 26, 2011, a steady flow of New Yorkers flowed around the GreenMarket site and were reminded that they could return the next week with their produce waste to be composted. With more than 19 million people in New York City, the GrowNY plan to simplify the composting process will reduce the scrap waste throughout the city exponentially.

According to the Prospect Heights Patch “The new drop-off sites are the result of more than a year’s worth of planning by GrowNYC. The result is a city-funded pilot program that will last through June 25. If the program is successful, GrowNYC will make the pilot program at Grand Army Plaza and the three other Brooklyn pilot sites permanent.

‘For years at our markets, customers would show up and have a list of 500 names,’ of people who wanted a place to compost, GrowNYC spokeswoman Liz Carollo said. But such a project takes an enormous amount of time and effort, she explained.

‘We had to hire a lot of new staff, buy a lot of materials, find storage for all those materials, figure out how to collect and set up the [collection] route. It took a long time.’ And then there’s the problem of funding: For years, GrowNYC did not have the budget to devote any funds to composting.

But when New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s Foodworks came out, and the fifth goal was post-consumer waste management, the councilmember got behind the project idea. The group estimates organic refuse makes up 17 percent of the city’s total waste stream.

So far, the compost program is a hit. At Grand Army Plaza the traffic has been steadily increasing.”

The success of GrowNY continues to prove the point that the path to successful global compost practices begins one neighborhood at a time. Making local access to a drop-off point is a vital aspect to the success of any local compost plan. If your community doesn’t compost, the time is not to approach your local officials and make a push to build the awareness for composting and its benefits to the local, and global, environment.