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How to Build a Vermicompost Bin

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

binVermicomposting is never complete without the composting bin.  This is where the Red Wiggler worms (recommended composting worms) will stay and produce that dark, nutrient-rich soil amendment for your plants.

You can buy commercial vermicompost bin like the Worm Factory, but if you have more spared time, you can do it yourself.  Just prepare a clean container which is around 6 inches in depth and the size would depend on how many worms you will place in it.  The color as much as possible should be dark.  Also prepare newspapers, magazines cardboards and grass cuttings if you have.

First, drill holes in the container. You can have around 20 -30 quarter inch holes at the bottom.  You can also do this at the sides of the bin.  This will serve as the drainage and at the same time ventilation system of the whole bin.  Red Wiggler worms need air and oxygen so holes are really important.

Once set, have the newspapers and magazines cut into strips.  Soak them into water to make the bedding moist but don’t allow it to be too soggy.  You can then place those shredded newspapers in the bin.  You may also add a cardboard at the top once you settle the newspapers because composting worms love to feed on moist cardboards.

Note that you are to situate the vermicompost bin in a cool area.  You may have it in your garage, basement, under the kitchen sink or anywhere shady.  Do not expose the worms to too much light and a temperature of 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit is advisable.

That’s all that you have to do.  A vermicompost bin is not hard to make; it’s not also expensive so might as well do it rather than buy it.

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