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The Difference between Moles and Voles

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Have you ever experienced seeing tunnels in some parts of your yard or shrubbery? Chances are, Moles and Voles are wandering around your turf. Voles and Moles may probably do a few of the same things, but they are definitely two different animals. To even get rid of them, they’ll also require different kinds of pest control (you can also use organic pest control).

So let’s start with Moles. A garden mole is a very reserved creature. You’ll be able to recognize it for its short neck, long pointed snout, ears that are barely discernible, tiny eyes, brawny forelegs, and clawed feet. They are usually 5 to 8 inches long; and can be in dark-gray or black color.

Although they can be harmless to humans and pets, they can definitely post injury into your garden. They usually do a lot of digging when they search for food (they eat earthworms too!), so plants that are in its way will surely be uprooted. The tunnels that they leave out can also ruin the look of your lawn. Getting rid of Moles from your lawn may be hard to do, and they can really get themselves isolated from people. But what you can do is to control them in a less-toxic way. You can also repel them by using an organic based mole repellent; or by simply applying organic insecticides to their food source. Of course, when you take out the things (insects, grubs and earthworms) that they eat, then they will more or less start leaving your yard alone.

Now Voles on the other hand are small rodents; and they usually cause more damage than Moles. Apart from that. you’ll also see them present in fields and amidst shrubs. They also have small eyes, and have tails on them. They’re also typically gray or brown in color; and can grow as long as 3 to 5 inches long. They also dig tunnels (usually just settles in tunnels that have been previously created by Moles) and burrow underground. You’ll know they’re present in your lawn or shrubbery if you see holes in the area as big as golf balls.

They can also bring damage to your yard by simply eating flower bulbs, fruit trees, vegetables from the garden, and shrubs. They can further do damage by also removing the stems from your plants, and by chewing on your plants roots. They can be that hostile but you can still control them. You can probably try using vole bait or mole traps to catch them. Place these only in areas where you think they are present. You can try covering these traps under some soil, where its near their tunnels, or near their most favored areas. You can also put in wire guards around your foliage to further give them protection from voles.

Take note that they are not the same, but you can use some of the pest control methods used for moles on voles. But if your manual methods don’t work, then you can always ask some professional help from companies that specialize in pest control. recommends the Holy Moley- Mole Repellent

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