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Common Problems in Raising Red Wigglers

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Raising Red Wiggler worms is not at all times that easy.  You also encounter problems along the way but most of these problems are caused not by the Red Wigglers themselves but by their environment or your negligence to put it bluntly.

First problem that you may encounter is the worms trying to escape from the bin.  Supposedly, it should only happen during their first 2-3 days as they are still trying to adjust.  However, if it happens most of the time, you may no longer have enough worms at the end of the process.  This indicates that there is already a problem with the moisture and acidity in their environment.  Perhaps, you did not notice that the bedding is already too dry or too wet or the bin is already too acidic.  Remember that Red Wiggler worms can only tolerate 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit and 6.0-6.5 H level.  Going beyond those specifications will encourage the worms to walk away from you.

Second problem would be foul odor.  This happens when you give the worms with foods like meat, bones and dairies.  This also happens when there is not enough air inside the bin or if the bedding is left with too much water.

Another vermicomposting problem would be the presence of molds in the bin. To avoid this trouble, do not give them too much food.  They can eat half or as much as their body weight but more than that, they can no longer handle.  If these excess foods will not be consumed, molds will then form inside the bin.

Lastly, you will encounter the problems with flies as you raise your worms.  This also happens when you feed the Red Worms with fermenting organic wastes.

So to avoid all these, familiarize the dos and don’ts’ in raising Red Wigglers.