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How do Red Wiggler Worms Breed?

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Red wiggler worms are by nature hermaphrodite.  Meaning, they have both the male and female sex organs.  Even if you only have two Red wigglers on hand, they will surely reproduce but if you want to have mass reproduction or at least enough production to come up with good organic fertilizer, here’s how Red Wiggler worms breed.

First, you have to note that breeding or reproducing Red worms is easier and faster if you set up the bin properly.  It would be better if you place the organic materials in the bin prior to the shipping of your worms so that those materials would break down before the worms feed on them.  You should also provide the Red Wiggler worms with all their needs so that they can grow in number.

You will notice that the worms are already ready for mating when there is already this so called “clitellum”.  While in the bin, worms will find their partner and then join their bodies.  Once the two worms unite, egg cases or cocoons will come out.  We can say that Red Wiggler Worms reproduce because each cocoon contains around 3-5 baby Red worms and when those eggs hatch, you can already guess how many new red worms will be in your bin.  Research also shows that breeding is best done at a temperature of 15-20 degree Celsius.

It won’t take long before the baby worms will again multiply.  In just a matter of 4-5 months, they will be ready for mating.  So the process goes on and each time you let Red Wigglers worms breed, you can also expect more vermicompost because the more worms, the more organic materials are also needed to be decomposed by them.