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How to Start Vermicomposting in Hot Weather

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Weather plays an important role in worm composting.  The question on how to start vermicomposting in hot weather should be addressed so that doing it especially in summer season won’t be a burden at all.

Before you even start, check on your location.  Where are you going to locate the bin?  Do you think your Red Wigglers worms will be satisfied with their environment?  If you have already decided on the place (it should not be in an environment that has a direct heat of sunlight), proceed with the bin itself.  We know very well that composting worms aerobic organisms so they are also in dire need of oxygen.  It is then vital that you drill holes at the bottom and side parts of the container to allow air inside.

The bedding is equally important.  When you use shredded newspapers, magazines and cardboards, be sure that those materials are moist.  A moist environment despite of the hot weather will help the Red Wiggler worms battle the heat.  Remember that if you start worm composting in hot seasons, worms can only survive in a temperature with no more than 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit.  Too much heat and too much cold will irritate them and may lead them to escaping you.  So with the bedding, have a spray bottle on hand so that each time it dries out, you can spray it with water.  You have to double your attention because it’s the time when there is too much light that may enter the bin or drying is very often.  You may also use peat moss as bedding because it has high moisture retention.

So the question how to start vermicomposting in hot weather isn’t really hard to answer at all.  The same procedure applies; you just have to be extra careful and attentive as you go along.