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Water Conservation Facts for your Garden

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

wateringThere are a lot of ways to conserving water; and a lot of beneficial things that comes with practicing it as well. Not only do you get to save money on high water bills, you also help in preventing water pollution. To learn more about what you can further do for the environment, you can begin by practicing a few ways to conserve water in your garden. Here are some water conservation facts and tips to get you started.

Watering your Garden

Give your garden some watering only when it’s necessary. You’ll know that it needs watering when the grass stays flat after you’ve stepped on it. Now if it goes upright again, then you can leave it be. You can also try growing your grass up to about 3 inches tall, as this encourages the soil to retain water. The longer the grass, the less water loss there will be. Aside from that, you can also water your yard in the morning or at night. Early or late watering can actually help in preventing water loss due to evaporation (this can actually save you about 300 gallons of water!). And it has been observed that when you water very early in the morning, it becomes a protective layer against garden pests, like slugs. You can also try carrying out rain water harvesting methods. In this way, you also get to recover some water through natural means. Now if you have a sprinkler, make sure to position it in an area where it hits and covers the yard area closely. You can also conserve water by not using your sprinkler when it becomes windy outside (amongst other water conservation facts), or else the wind will blow off the water out of the target area.

Do Some Planting and Mulching

Plant nice looking plants and shrubs in your garden that are dead set against droughts, as these may thrive even if water is short in supply. Aside from this, you can also use layers of mulch. Since mulch helps keep in moisture, it also hinders the growth of weeds in the area. The soil of your garden may be able to hold in as much moisture by just using mulch from compost, peat moss, or gravel (put about 2 to 4 inches thick). So, put these organic materials on top of your soil. You can also lessen the amounts of water used for the garden itself by using water saving devices.

Other Tools for Saving Water

Achla Rain Barrel

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