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How to use Worm Castings Effectively

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

worm poopDid you know that earthworms, especially red wriggler worms, eat from 50 to 75 percent of their body weight everyday? They certainly do! These worms can be fed with a variety of natural products (from vegetable and fruit scraps, to animal manure, etc). And as an end result, these worms secrete a substance which is called, Worm Castings. Unlike many chemical products, worm poop are non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about mishandling it. It does not post any threat to you, to your kids, or to your pets.

You can use red worms castings effectively by using them in improving the growth of your plants, as these worm composts are also rich in nutrients. Just imagine all those natural products they consume all the time! Not only that, worm composts may further help in improving a plants size, bloom quantity and quality, as well as its color (especially for flowers). As for fruits and vegetables, their yield not only increases; the taste and the appearance improves as well.

Aside from these facts, these substances that have undergone worm composting can also help in softening soils that are usually chemically damaged. Soils usually harden especially when they lack the necessary soil biology. Adding composts from worms will help bring it back to its balance, and also back to its softened and workable condition.

These worm composts when used on plants, especially when you use red wriggler worms, can also control fungus growth, as well as provide a good defense against plant diseases. These too can eliminate odor instantly and effectively. You can even mix red wiggler worms casting, with other animal composts, and smell the difference in a few hours. This method of mixing worm manure to other animal compost can even help eliminate offensive odors, especially when used as a fertilizer.

Aside from these advantages, a kind of worm compost called Black Gold, can also be used as an insect repellant. One of the key elements for repelling insects is it level of ‘Chitinase-producing organisms’. Chitinase is considered to be an enzyme that helps in dispelling Chitin (which makes up an insects exoskeleton). So basically, when insects sense the level of Chitinase in plants and soil, they either leave it alone or stay for long. So if the Chitinase level is high, then it’s a sure sign for them to leave the premises right away. Composts from worms definitely have a high-level of Chitinase to repel these insects away.

SO remember to use these tips to your advantage. These proven facts will help you in using worm castings effectively. recommends the Worm “Hobby” Kit

GardenWorms' Worm 'Hobby' Kit

GardenWorms' Worm 'Hobby' Kit

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