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Familiarize yourself with the Worm Kit

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

After you’ve finished preparing the ingredients to a meal, or after you’ve finished cutting the grass from your lawn, do you just throw these away in an instant? You probably have for countless times already; and you might not have tried your hand at some indoor or outdoor composting yet. Reduce food and garden wastes by getting yourself into recycling and composting mode; and buy composting worms for your very own worm kit.

Updates on Composting

Did you know that 96 billion pounds of food waste are being accumulated in landfills every year, by food  establishments and households in the US alone? Well, look at the numbers and see how much waste there is. In spite of, state administrations have already asked its citizens to recycle their organic wastes by either donating their extras, or have these composted instead.

There are cost-effective ways to composting, and one solution to this is by using worm kits. Worm composting is definitely one way to go, when it comes to recycling your decomposing organic wastes.

What is a Worm Kit?

Worm farm kits (also known as the worm factory kit) comes complete, providing you with just about the right materials you’ll need for composting. It is an odorless system, that can be conveniently used indoors or outdoors. It definitely helps in keeping your worm compost pals separated from their castings, after they’ve produced it. And this is made more possible through a stacking unit that helps with the worms constant move upright the bin (since they always move up, to where the food source is).

A worm bin system such as this offers to reduce your daily produce of household wastes. Your unit will help you make your very own organic fertilizer, that can be used as a perfect enhancement for your garden or lawn. This worm by-product comes out as a black soil material, that has an earthy smell to it, and is filled with lots of nutrients. Of course, the worms (specifically red worms for composting) being raised in your bin are kept fed with nothing but the best organics only (like uncooked vegetables, fruit peels, coffee grounds, crushed eggshells, shreds of presoaked newspaper or cardboard, some soil, dried grass clippings, and more).

Worm Farming Kits for Children

You can also get your kids to do some home composting using worms. When using a Worm Kit, you’ll be able to let them see and observe firsthand the ongoing work of composting red worms. They will be able to learn what the worms’ roles are when it comes to the environment. It can be a fun and educational composting introduction to kids of all ages; and even for adults too. recommends the Worm Farm Kit

worm farm kit

Interested in making a hobby out of worm composting? Then why not create your very own worm farm! Our Worm Kit is for those unafraid individuals who are not afraid to learn a lot from these compost wonders. And for just $54.95, you’ll get your very own Worm Kit, complete with 1,000 Red Wrigglers, starter bedding, a 3 month feed supply, and more!

To know more about the product, check the Worm Farm Kit here.