Red Wiggler Worms for Schools

`we_dig_dirt_wormTeaching students (be it elementary or high school students) about Red Wiggler Worms will encourage them to care for the environment in their simple way.  Introducing these creatures to them is also like teaching them mathematics, science and biology as vermicomposting through the use of composting worms will include different processes.

Red Wiggler worms for school will facilitate learning.  In your part as a teacher, all you need to do is prepare a container that is about 6 inches deep.  You may ask the students to bring newspapers and magazines.  To allow participation, ask them to shred those while some would drill holes on the container.  After the shredding and the drilling, ask the students to place those newspapers inside the bin because these will serve as the bedding for the worms.

After that, you can show them the Red Wiggler worms.  Expect different reactions at first.  Kids are kids but take that opportunity to explain to them the purpose of the activity, the benefits of doing it and of course, their roles in completing the activity.  After that, allow them to hold the worms and carefully place them inside the bin.  Feed them with organic materials such as food scraps, grass cuttings.  To better implement this in the school, encourage waste segregation so that the biodegradable ones will be used as foods for the Red Wiggler worms.  Educate the students that they need to give the worms foods that are as much as their body weight only.  Your students once the activity is done will have different questions; just entertain them.  Give them the responsibility to also look after the bin each day.  Ask them to do simple tasks like changing the bedding, looking after the temperature (should be 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit) and foods of the worms.

In just a month, you can already harvest the castings and use it for the school’s garden.  Just imagine how you helped manage the school’s waste and create awareness among students.

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