Worm Composting Tips: why worms climb to top of bin

You wouldn’t want your Red Wiggler worms to escape from your bin, do you?  Then, you should be aware of the circumstances that may trigger your worms from leaving you and from giving you an unsuccessful vermicomposting result.  Here are some of the pointers which you need to consider:

Where is your bin located?

Location for the composting worms is very important because this is where the temperature is measured.  They are supposed to be situated in a cool and shady place.  Bringing the worm bin to your kitchen sink or basement is recommended.  Should you want to place it outside, you can do so.  Just make sure that they will not be exposed in an environment that is too hot or too cold.  You are advised to maintain a 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit, otherwise, your worms will climb to the top of the bin.

What and how much food are you giving them?

Though Red Wiggler worms thrive on organic materials, they also have their preferences.  Giving them foods that are not really meant for them would mean disaster.  Meanwhile, these composting worms also eat half or as much as their body weight.  Meaning, you don’t give them more than that.  If you do, it may lead to the death of the worms or it may trigger them to leave!

Give them the right moisture

It isn’t enough that you have a worm bin.  Composting worms like Red Wigglers worms need a comfortable environment.  If the bedding is too wet or too dry, this will definitely irritate them.  Add more shredded newspapers if you think that you’ve put too much water and if it’s too dry then moisten it.


Your bin should have the right Ph. It shouldn’t be too acidic or else, the worms will leave their home. So avoid putting things in your bin that are too acidic. Ph should be between 6.4 to 6.9.

These are the basic things that you need to put in mind if you really want to keep your composting worms intact in the bin.  If you are able to check all of these, you’ll also be able to see the smaller problems.

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