Building a Rain Barrel for your Organic Garden

What is water to your garden and Red Wiggler worms?

RainSaver Rain BarrelWater is a very important component for your Red Wiggler worms. Red Wigglers are most comfortable and healthy when they are moist and wet. That is why they want their beddings slightly moist and wet when you prepare it for them in their snug compost bins. You red worms want their compost bins to be watered and made wet on a regular basis to maintain that healthy and satisfyingly moist environment that they like so much.

Water is also a very important component of organic gardening. Plants cannot survive without water. No matter how much sunlight and rich fertilizer you give to your plants, if they are not supplied amply with the right amount of water, they will not survive. This applies even to humans. If we do not consume ample amount of water, we will not survive.

Man can live for weeks without eating but on the average, we can last no longer than two days without drinking water. That symbolizes the importance of having a constantly ready supply of water to your worms and your home garden. One surefire way to always have water for your red worms and your worm composting bins is to have rain barrels at home! Having a rain barrel need not be expensive! You can build one at home!

Building a Rain barrel for your Garden and Red Wigglers

Building rain barrels to supply your compost bin of Red Wiggler worms and home garden is very inexpensive! All achla rain barrelyou need is a food-grade quality barrel, a simple garden hose washer, some standard garden hose parts, a special adapter, a pair of heavy duty scissors, a keyhole saw and a 1” drill bit and you are ready to take off! First of all you have to make sure that the barrel you are using did not hold anything toxic previously. In this case, a bigger barrel is always better.

It is also preferable that you find a plastic barrel, but if you do not have one then be comforted in the fact that using metal barrels is still effective. The first thing that you have to do is saw an opening on the top of the barrel. It is advisable that you saw an opening on the middle of the rain barrel. But if you find it more effective to saw an opening off of the center of the barrel you may also do so. Then you have to drill a 1” hole near the bottom of the barrel.

After drilling, you attach the adapter and the washer on the inside of the barrel. Then, you have to attach the valve on the outside of the barrel. After doing all these, you then have to work on the downspout of your gutter. Modify the downspout in such a way that it would spew its contents onto your rain barrel. This is so the rain water that falls on your roof and your gutter can be directed onto your rain barrel. You can also add another rain barrel by using a garden hose Y-adapter to connect your first barrel to another barrel!

After doing all these things, you are now set to capture all that fresh rain water! Through this system, a 55 gallon barrel could easily be filled within a matter of minutes!

The Rain Barrel’s Role

All this rain water is great for your garden plants and Red worms! You now have an enormous water supply for your garden and red worms and best of all, it is free!

Now, you do not need to open your hose to water your garden or moisten the compost bin of your Red worms. Now, showering your home garden and your worms need not cost you anything and it is all because of a simple rain barrel. The rain barrel is truly one of the most effective organic gardening tools for your home garden and your Red Wiggler worms. recommends the RainSaver Rain Barrel

RainSaver Rain Barrel

The RainSaver Rain Barrel is perfect for catching fresh supply of water everytime it rains.

This hi-quality rain barrel has an overflow located at the back to keep you relax and away from worries about overflows. The excess water or rain will be diverted to your garden. Also, safety is incorporated in its design so it’s child proof and keeps pests from getting inside.

Order the RainSaver Rain Barrel here.

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