Countertop Composting Bin

For those who have limited space at home, doing vermicomposting may seem impossible.  Others would think that you should have a wide backyard in order to recycle your scraps. Well, the good news is, you can do composting no matter how limited your area is.  With the advent of countertop composting bin, you can already sort your garbage easily so that those organic scraps will be segregated from the non-biodegradable ones.

There are different kinds of countertop composting bins.  All of those have different designs that would perfectly suit your taste.  If you do not want a bin that will make your kitchen look ugly, then you can buy those commercial bins.  There is the stainless steel compost pail, white stoneware compost pail, bamboo compost pail and more designs.  Each of these has its own feature.  Some has charcoal filters to avoid and manage foul odors while some are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.  You can also choose the size of the bin that would be enough for your counter.  Some bins can hold 3 gallons of scraps while others can hold 1 gallon.  The price also varies depending on the design that you want.

Meanwhile, if you do not have budget to buy that stylish countertop composting bin, you can also use the plastic containers that you already have at home.  Have a container that would fit into your counter; a coffee canister will do.  Make sure it has a lid to keep flies from going inside the bin.  You can also paint it with the color you want, just make sure that you do not paint the filter.

Whether your countertop composting bin is homemade or commercially made, what’s important is you can have a bin to throw your scraps to.  You no longer need to run outside just to dispose your wastes because the bin is just within your reach.

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