What not to feed Red Wigglers

eat wormsIf you are to pursue worm composting, you should familiarize the likes and dislikes of your composting worms.  Red Wiggler worms are not really choosy but one mistake may lead to their death.  Perhaps you already know the temperature that they need the location, the bedding and all.  This time, you have to know the foods that would irritate and make them happy.

Basically, Red Wigglers thrive in organic materials.  They enjoy eating dried leaves, shredded newspapers, cardboards, magazines, grass clippings, tea bags, coffee grounds, vegetable scraps, fruit peelings and bread.  They can eat half or as much as their weight.

However, you should take note that these composting worms have restrictions too.  Though organic material, you cannot feed them with the wastes of your pets.  You are also not supposed to give them metals, chemicals, insecticides, paint, oils and plastics.  Those insecticides and pesticides are of course not directly given to them.  Often times, the grass clippings which you know are organic have been sprayed with those chemicals.  Oils and salts on the other hand are usually present in cooked foods.  Meat and dairy products are also not good for the worms.  Meats and bones of animals are actually good but the problem is, once these are given to worms, they may be smelly and in the end invite insects in the bin.  These foods are also hard to eat.  In vegetable scraps, avoid giving them cabbage, onions and garlic because these contain limonene.  Fruits that are acidic like citrus and pineapple are also not good for the worms

Foods are really important for the Red Wiggler worms.  If given proper nutrients through those foods, there won’t be any problem at all.

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