Feeding Red Wiggler Worms to Pets

Red Wiggler worms serve a lot of purpose.  They can boost your worm composting process, they can make your garden really healthy and nutrient-rich and their castings can be made into worm tea which is a natural liquid fertilizer for your plants.  Feeding Red Wiggler worms to pets is another advantage on your part.

For those who love fishing, Red Wiggler worms are next to European Night Crawlers.  Red worms can be used as fishing baits so that you get to catch your target.  Their ability to stay alive for up to 5 minutes in even when already placed in the hook is their biggest edge.  Fishes would not want to feed on dead worms so you will definitely have time to lure the fishes.    Their sizes are also good enough to your price.  They may not be as big as the Night Crawlers; they still have what it takes to make you get your catch.  Providing Red Worms to animals such as this can really be interesting.

Fishes do not end the worms’ purpose.  You can also give Red Wiggler worms to animals such as bearded dragons, turtles, frogs, birds and salamanders.  The nutrients that Red Worms contain are unbeatable that they can be useful even to your pets.  Salamanders which are helpful in watching over the environment’s condition love to feed on Red worms.  Pet birds and aquarium fishes would also survive with the presence of Red Wiggler worms.

So if ever you consider feeding Red Wiggler worms to your pets, go and don’t think twice.  Aside from worm composting, this worm can also be remarkable while you are enjoying your time with your animal best friend.

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red wiggler wormsLet Gardenworms’ Live 1,000 Red Wriggler worms help you with your composting needs today. You can also use them as fish bait too! Let these worms do what they’re best at; and that’s keeping your plants well nourished with the right amount of water and nutrients. Let these helpful crawlers make sure that their burrowing efforts keeps your soils loosened and aerated all the time. And not only that, Red Wriggler worms will always provide you with their own produce of 100% natural fertilizer (also known as castings). Gardenworms 1,000 Red Wriggler worms will help improve your soil’s physical structure, enrich it with microbes, improve its water retention, and more.

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  1. Kim says:

    I got 2,000 of your red wigglers yesterday for composting, but gave a handful to my hens. They’re layers, but they’re also pets and it was fun to watch them go after the worms. I may have to get another 500 just for the chickens! Higher protein intake means more eggs too!

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