Good Choices of Vermicomposting Books

There are a lot of out Vermicomposting Books in the market today, and a selection of these are being sold in very affordable prices. To know which of these are good reads, you may simply read on below our personal book recommendations.

A-Worming We Did Go

A-WORMING WE DID GO is a 72 page book about a handicapped woman who started her worm business, and made it grow into one of the best known worm farms today. She has provided in her book a variety of ways on how to construct a bin, do mix feeds, manage pest control problems, how to deal with bait dealers, and more other interesting stuff.

Compost Gardening

Compost Gardening is a book that will definitely change your perspective when it comes to composting. Get tips on how to apply these compost approaches when it comes to labor and saving time. Barbara Pleasant and Deborha L Martin, the authors of this book has definitely published their experiences, their passion, and the rewards that they got out of composting.

Harnessing the Earthworm

HARNESSING THE EARTHWORM, a book that includes facts, figures and illustrations, practically gives you advise on how to use earthworms efficiently. It is through the use of earthworms that initiates the improvement of the soil structure; making it a healthier system for your plants, garden, and crops to flourish in.

Larger Red Worms

LARGER RED WORMS was written by an earthworm breeder who made it successfully by growing larger red worms, at a faster and cheaper rate. The author shares his accounts and his methods when it comes to feeding and fattening-up his red worms.

Let An Earthworm Be Your Garbage Man

LET AN EARTHWORM BE YOUR GARBAGE MAN is a 64 page book that Henry Hopp wrote, to illustrate the roles of the Earthworms when it comes to the soil, and more.

Recycle With Earthworms

RECYCLE WITH EARTHWORMS is a 100 page book that will definitely help you understand how vermicomposting works; and how to raise and care for earthworms the easiest way possible. The authors shares their trade secrets, and shares their expertise to all breeders, gardeners, dealers, and worm enthusiasts alike.

The ABC’s of the Earthworm Business

THE ABC’S OF THE EARTHWORM BUSINESS was written to take into account the 10 years of experience that the author has established. His worm farm is now one of the biggest in California; and he has created this book to share his years of experience, to those who may want to venture into the same industry.

The Worm Book

The Worm Book simply illustrates on the subject of worms, and how raising these slimy crawlers give real importance to the environment. Authors Loren Nancarrow and Janet Hogan Taylor tells their audience about the biology of earthworms, how to set up a bin, how to maintain it, how to use worm compost, and more. This book will clearly help you make your hobby into a potential worm business.

The Worm Café

The Worm Café is a manual (amongst other great Vermicomposting Books) that was created by a teacher, in collaboration with his students. They did an interesting take on helping their school save $6000 per year by composting their lunchroom waste through the means of worms. recommends the Organic Gardening and Vermicomposting books

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