How to Make a Composter or a Compost Tumbler

In order to better understand the importance of worm composting as well as the role of composter and compost tumbler, we should first understand how to make one.

Compost tumbler defined

Compost tumbler is a convenient, easy and fast way to make compost at home just by simply using kitchen scraps and yard wastes and by incorporating worms in the composting process. It can be of great help because it efficiently combines up the content of your pile while evenly distributing its nutrients.

Making worm composting easy with the know-how of constructing a compost tumbler

how to make compost tumblerMaking a compost tumbler can be made in many ways using our ordinary tools at home together with our kitchen scraps or left over.  You can build a compost tumbler in any way that you want. You just have to make sure that whatever method is that, it should be dependable. You can also buy earthworms and make use of it so that you’ll be able to know how worm composting can make wonders for your plants. Well to make it more efficient, you should consider red worms or red wriggler worms.

And just to give you an idea how to make one, here are some steps:

  1. Obtain a ridged drainpipe whose division is 10 foot of a 24-inch.
  2. Take and cut the pipe into a size that best suits your taste for your tumbler.  Just be reminded however that when doing this, you should be sure that you can manage the tumbler size safely.
  3. At the end of the tube or pipe, if there is available plywood, all you need to do is just cut it. For it to be more durable you may want to alter it with a specialized kind of wood or you may simply use cedar plywood or a plexi-glass. Use a bungee cord to fasten the wood and also, use bolts of quarter-inch.
  4. Drill or bore holes to ensure proper ventilation for your compost. Cordless can also be used and this is in fact considered as one of the easiest ways.

After that, presto! You are done and you already have a homemade compost tumbler!
By following these instructions, you will be able to build a compost pile in just an hour. After seeing the advantages of the project, rest assured that you will be able to improve your investment as well as the quality of soil that you are using.
With all of these, why don’t you just make use of its advantages and be part of the growing population of the compost tumbler users now?  You will not just be an environment lover; you will also become a worm composting advocate!

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Tumble Weed Composter

Tumble Weed Composter

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  2. DAN HOPKINS says:

    I made a compost tumbler by turning a small furniture dolly upside down (the wheels point up). I laid a 55 gallon drum on the wheels. I cut a door in the side of the drum and hinged the cut out metal to cover the opening. The drum can be filled and rotated. To empty the drum, remove the top lid

  3. jshaw says:

    That sounds like a very effective compost tumbler Dan. Well done!

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