Red Wiggler Worm Facts

To help you understand worm composting, here are Red Wiggler worm facts to introduce you to your composting worms.

Red Wiggler Physical Attributes

Red worms are hermaphrodite.  Having two sex organs, you can already breed them even if you only have two worms on hand.  Breeding for them is better under a temperature of 15-20 degree Celsius.

Also, red worms cannot see.  You may be wondering how they can detect light as they are afraid of it.  Well, Red Wiggler worms have light sensor which makes it easy for them to sense when they are exposed into such.  However, they can live with red light.

You also have to know that this kind of composting worm does not have teeth.  This is the very reason why you have to cut their food into pieces and why you have to shred their bedding.  It would be hard on their part to feed on big and organic materials.

Another truth about Red Wiggler worms is that they breathe through their skin that is why their environment should always be moist.  Air is also important because they are still aerobic organisms.

Red Wiggler and their Needs

Red worms can make worm composting effective as long as their needs are all met.  As said, they do not thrive on too hot or too cold areas.  Thus, a temperature of 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit should always be maintained.  The acidity level on the other hand should be kept at 6.0-6.5 as too much acidity may kill the worms.

As with foods, Red Wiggler worms can eat half or as much as their body weight.  You can give them a little lesser than what they need but never overfed them. Red Wiggler worm fact shows that a pound of worms can process an estimated amount of ¼-1/2 lb. wastes every day.

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