How to Raise Red Worms Effectively

many red worms in dirtYou do not want to make a mess when you raise your Red Worms, do you?  So to make things easier for you, you should then be geared with all the knowledge that you need in order to effectively increase the number of your worms (which by the way can be used as fishing baits and composting worms).

First thing that you have to consider is the worm bin.  You can buy commercial worm bins or you can do it on your own.  It is important that you drill holes in the lid, at the bottom and at the side of the container to allow air inside.  Also, see to it that the container that you’ll use is not transparent.  When it comes to bedding, have your newspapers and magazines cut into strips then soak them into water.  It’s your responsibility to maintain the acidity level (6.5 PH) inside the bin and a temperature of 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit.  Red Worms neither love to dwell in dry nor soggy places.

The Red Worms’ diet is as important as their home.  If one is defective, you may not have the best result.  You actually won’t encounter much problem with their foods.  Red Worms are heavy feeders of organic materials so even your kitchen scraps, grass cuttings, coffee grounds and tea bags will do.  Just make sure that you do not feed them with dairy products, fish, meat, fresh manure and bones.  Acidic fruits like citrus are also not good.

If you give them grass clippings, see to it that those were not previously sprayed with chemicals. With kitchen scraps, avoid giving them oily foods.

There it goes: the home, acidity level, temperature and the diet thing.  If all are carefully executed and maintained, you are sure to have healthy Red Worms!

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