Raising Red Wiggler Worms for Fishing

handful of composting worms

handful of composting worms

Red wiggler worms can be used for different purposes.  First, they can be used for gardening because their worm castings are perfect organic fertilizer for the plants.  The castings can also be made as compost tea which will be sprayed directly to your crops.  Raising this kind of composting worm can give you nothing but benefits.  If in case you don’t have a garden of your own and you are fond of fishing, good news because Red Wiggler worms are perfect as fishing baits.

When you want to have a good catch, we recommend that you raise your own Red Wiggler worms.  It’s easy so you won’t be burdened at all.  First, set up the worm bin.  You may want to buy commercial bin if you don’t have time to make your own but if you want it to be homemade, just use a plastic container that has a lid and is not transparent.  Drill some holes at the side and bottom for drainage and aeration.  You can use your old newspapers, magazines and cardboards for the bedding.  Cut those into strips and don’t forget to soak them into water but make sure that they are not too soggy.  Once the bin is set, you may carefully place the Red Wiggler worms inside.

Maintain the bin properly.  Food and temperature is very important so you have to be careful on those things.  Organic materials like kitchen scraps (free from oil), fruit peeling, grass cutting (those that were not sprayed with insecticides and pesticides only), tea bags, coffee grounds and more would be good for them but dairy products, meat, fish and fresh manure wouldn’t do them any good.  Temperature should also be at 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit and the bin should be located in an area that is not too hot or too cold.

In just few weeks, your red worms will multiply.  You can already have irresistible baits and the good thing about Red Wiggler worms is that they do not immediately die when placed in the hook.  This will give you time to lure your fishes.

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