Red Wiggler Worms’ Diet

Diet is very important for your vermicomposting worms.  Though they are naturally eaters of organic wastes, they also have restrictions.  As a wormer, you are not allowed to give lesser or more than what they can consume.  Otherwise, your worms will just die and your vermicomposting adventure will just go to waste.

Organic materials like coffee grounds, tea bags, grass cuttings, fruit peelings, vegetable and other kitchen scraps, crushed egg shells, bread and other biodegradable wastes are best for the worms.  Composting worms particularly Red Wiggler worms also love to feed on cardboards, newspapers, magazines and fruits such as pumpkin and watermelon.  However, with all the foods mentioned above, there are also things to remember.

First, if you are to feed the worms with fruits, remember not to give them with the acidic ones like that of citrus.  With kitchen scraps, avoid oily foods.  Do not also feed them with dairy products, bones and fresh manure.  Rabbit manure will do as it is rich in nitrogen but other than that, there should be no other manure added. And to make the process easier for the worms, be sure to cut their foods into pieces.  For the newspapers, magazines and cardboards, you have to strip those into 1 inch wide.  Another important reminder when it comes to feeding the worms, do not immediately provide them with organic materials for their first 2-3 days in the bin because they are still adjusting.

Now to complete their diet, give them the right amount.  Red Wigglers are heavy eaters but they can never go beyond their body weight.  They are only able to eat half or as much as their body mass.  Giving them too much food won’t do anything extraordinary.  This will just cause bad odor and may even lead to something worse.

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