Red Wigglers for classroom

Red Wiggler wormsYou now have the ability to influence your students about going green. With vermicomposting, you can easily demonstrate how they can help manage wastes.

The process is simple. Just prepare a worm bin with drilled holes to allow aeration and prepare the bedding (you can use shredded old newspapers and magazines). Make sure that the bedding is always moist. After this, show the kids the Red Wiggler worms. It may at first be “yucky” for them but we know how playful kids are. Soon, they’ll get used to it. Explain to them all the environmental benefits of doing the process so students will have a better understanding about vermicomposting. You can ask some volunteers to carefully place the Red Wiggler worms in the bin after the explanation.

Once the worms are settled in their home, encourage interaction. You can ask them to bring fruit peelings, vegetable scraps or any organic materials to feed the worms (organic wastes from the school canteen will also do). Make sure that you always supervise the students. Red Wiggler worms can only eat half or as much as their body weight so you should not go beyond that. Otherwise, the worms may die or other insects may go inside the bin. See to it also that no dairies or animal leftovers are fed to the composting worms. Always maintain a moist environment and a temperature of 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

While doing the whole process, let children raise questions about the activity. They will for sure be curious about many things so be patient in answering all of those. You can also ask them to research or have some mind quizzes about what you have just done. That way, the learning process will be fun.

After around six weeks, you and the kids can already harvest the worm castings. You can use your harvest in the school garden so the students will also see how everything really works. With Red Wigglers in the classroom, you can already teach math, science, biology and most importantly, environmental awareness among the students.

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