Residential compost – Get paid for composting!

There are plenty of ways to make money. You can get into your desired business or simply get into the mode of composting. And yes, you’ve read it right! Creating organic compost using just your kitchen scraps and garden wastes, and containing these inside several composting bins, will certainly help you cash-in on some great rewards. And if you’re lucky, your city might just pay you to compost.

Plymouth City encourages its citizens to compost

The residents of Plymouth City are encouraged to dispose of their food and yard wastes so that these can be composted further (citizens are urged to create more compost). Putting this into perspective, the townsfolk of Plymouth will also get paid if they continued on with this eco-friendly cause. Not only will its people help reduce the amount of trash on their local dumpsites, they will also be partaking in a recycling effort. Now, the city itself is willing to give a $100 grant for those who apply for it. The money can be used for either choice, and that is to buy a ready-made composter, or to build a compost bin of his or her own. Either way, both options are a win-win idea.

To build a compost bin or to plant a garden?

Other than using the $100 grant for buying or building a composter, the money can also be used for setting up a garden. Developing an organic garden will also help you to put into good use the finished compost that will be harvested from the organic wastes that have been broken down. Household scraps such as vegetable peels, old newspapers, crushed eggshells, and even dead foliage can be composted. Moreover, the finished by-product can be immediately used as an organic fertilizer and soil amendment for the garden. It can be used directly on plants without having to burn these. Now, worn out soil that has been supplemented with organic compost will also improve the quality of its composition.

Citywide residential composting programs

Composting (such as vermicomposting, leaf composting, etc.) has become a wide-reaching phenomenon. And it certainly helped revitalize the existing condition of Mother Nature. More cities and towns within the US alone have started to delve into ‘citywide residential composting programs’, to further experience the benefits it brings environmentally and economically. Such programs help communities to divert huge amounts of waste from landfills, as this also helps reduce costs on waste disposals and pick-ups. recommends the Composting Bins

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