Vermicomposting Industry

With the adaptation of vermicomposting worldwide, it has not only gained popularity as a small scale project but as a large scale industry as well.  It has penetrated the market as more and more people are deciding to invest in the said process.

With the large scale vermicomposting, there are actually two systems being used.  We have the windrow and flow-through system.  Each has its own way of raising composting worms and harvesting the end products.  One machine can process as much as 75-150 pounds of organic wastes in a day thus giving you an amount of 50-105 of worm castings.  The byproducts will then be released in the market for consumption.

The response of people to the call of doing vermicomposting has impacted the market today.  There are businessmen who are raising composting worms to sell to those who are interested in the said venture.  There are also those who have taken the risk of investing in vermicomposting materials. If you check the internet, you can see many companies selling different types and designs of worm bins and beddings.

For those who are not familiar with worm composting, there are also worm kits available packed with all the materials needed and of course the manual that you need to get started.  Even schools are buying such products because they recognize the value that the process can impart to the children.

So far, the industry of vermicomposting has expanded.  With the many businesses related to it, there are also more jobs for the people.  The success that this field is gaining is expected to grow more in the future because of its being 100% organic, being doable, being less time, money and effort consuming.  It will begin as a hobby and eventually, it will become a money maker project.

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