Vermicomposting Workshops: What to Expect

Workshops are great venues for acquiring new knowledge, skills, and other trainings. Vermicomposting workshops for instance offer activities that will teach you on how to handle compost worms, how to harvest finished compost, and to know how to care for your worms habitat (amongst other things). A worm compost workshop will certainly help you create a hobby that you can call your own. More so, potentially assist you in building your own business from scratch.

Ann Arbor City will host a worm composting workshop

Two vermicomposting workshops will be held in the Ann Arbor city this coming February 11. And it will be accommodating its guests at the Materials Recovery Facility, by Platt Road. Now, the Materials Recovery Facility opens their recycling plant to the public every month for free. MRF’s monthly event encourages different individuals to learn significantly from their workshops. The program itself offers activities such as composting with red worms and building worm composters.
Other than that, a series of presentations can also be expected, particularly from Ms. Sarah Archer (an expert at worm composting). Moreover, worm bin kits that can be used indoors, will also be provided at the workshop. But only those who have pre-ordered will be able to get their purchase at the MRF (along with a few other worm composting goodies).

Interactive vermicomposting workshops

There are plenty of workshops in the country that are being hosted by different sectors, especially when it comes to worm composting. Composting is definitely a breakthrough. Moreover, several of these interactive workshops will also encourage you to ask questions on anything about compost. And by the time it ends, you will surely head home excited to start your own red wigglers composting structure. Some workshops may even have their own products up for sale. So expect to see supplies of compost worms, compost bins, composting tools for the taking.

What you can learn from vermicomposting workshops

Take for example Clean Calgary Association’s Vermicomposting workshops. They teach their participants/guests to know how to (1) properly compost indoors, (2) differentiate one compost bin to another, (3) distinguish which earthworms are appropriate for composting (learning the worm’s biology), (4) to know each worm’s functions, (5) to know the right organic materials to fill the bin, (6) to know the other elements involved in the entire composting system (such as good bacteria and fungi), (7) to know how to harvest worm casts, and more. recommends the 1000 red wigglers

Start your vermicomposting venture by filling your worm compost bin with 1000 red wigglers. These crawlers will not only help convert your food and yard wastes into an organic resource. They will also produce castings that will help boost the quality of your garden soil and plants.
To know more about the product, check the 1000 red wigglers here.

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