Winter Worm Composting

Winter Composting

Composting worms during winter: possible or not?

Composting worms is an enjoyable activity to do during the sunny seasons. It is such a joy to go out and bask under the pleasant heat of the sun and tend to your generous lively and hard-working red wriggler worms.

Simple are the joys that you get from worm composting and organic gardening, in general. But there may come a time when the weather is not as friendly for composting worms as you hope it would be. Sometimes the temperature drops and you find yourself shivering against the ghastly winter wind, hoping that your garden would live again after such a cold assault; sometimes snow flakes fall so generously that your garden becomes covered with 3 feet of snow. This then presents puts you in a tight spot: can you still compost worms during the winter so that you can have enough organic fertilizer to jump-start your home garden after it? The answer: yes.

Significance of composting worms during the winter

worm composting

The process of composting worms during the winter is a very positive prospect to many home gardeners. This is because a home garden loses a lot of its liveliness and green-ness during the winter season. Usually after winter, what is left of a previously healthy, bustling garden of foliage is a barren expanse frozen by the extreme weather. And once again, the home garden farmer is driven to bring it back to life. And this is where worm composting comes in.

Compost worms can help provide you the needed nutrients for the plant life to recover in your home garden. With its natural, plant-boosting qualities, re-growing gardens become much easier tasks. Composting worms produce worm castings which contain many nutrients and ingredients which help improve plant life as well as soil quality to ensure the flourishing of new plant life in your garden. Worms like Red Wiggler worms are also very easy to maintain as there is no need for expensive equipment or chemicals to preserve your worms through the winter. One very common way of composting worms during the winter is doing it indoors.

Composting worms indoors

Composting worms indoors and outdoors involve very much the same process. But preparing the compost bin of your red wriggler worms requires a little more work in indoor composting. When composting worms outdoors, making comfortable bedding for your worms is almost as easy as piling up leaves, grass clippings and other such garden wastes.

On the other hand composting worms indoors requires you a worm bin to put your worms in. A 24in x 16in x 10in container would be perfect if you want to place it in a compact space, out of harm’s way. Putting it in a secure spot like a cupboard or a low table is good. Holes would have to be drilled at the top and at the sides of the compost bin to allow for good aeration and some at the bottom to allow for good drainage. It is also advisable for you to put a container underneath. This is to collect any of the excess water that comes out after watering the bin. This water is enriched with some of the nutrients found in worm castings making it very useful for plants.

Some damp bedding must also be put onto the compost bin. This is where your red wrigglers would live in for the time being. Biodegradable compost materials such as shredded cardboard, leaves, dried grass clippings, loam, or shredded newspapers with non-toxic ink would do great for these. Provide about a foot of this mix in your compost bin for your worms to live in. Now just find a lid for your bin and drill some holes on it also for the purpose of aeration and your bin is set! Now composting worms during the winter will be that much easier for you!

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  1. Wayne Risley says:

    THANK YOU…. I just started composting last month with 2,000 red wigglers….this column answered my concerns about this winter. wayne risley

  2. wriggler says:

    [...] process of natural composting using earthworms, known as the Red Wriggler (Eisenia fetida) …Winter Worm Composting | Blog – Great Worm …Winter is just around the corner. You and your compost bin need to plan and prepare for it. These [...]

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