How to make worm tea?

Learning how to make worm tea will help you gain more from the process of worm composting.  Worm tea comes from the castings of the Red Wiggler worms which can later on be used as liquid fertilizer.  It serves as soil conditioner and it also acts as repellent for aphids and mites.

To produce worm tea, you should have the following: vermicompost or the castings of the Red Wiggler worms, filter, water (preferably rain water) and a container or a sprinkler.  First, you have to place your desired amount of worm castings inside the filter.  You can buy commercial filters but old socks and stockings will do; just make that they don’t have holes.

When step I is done, fill the bucket or container with water.  If you do not have rainwater available, you have to find a way so that the water is chlorine free as it can kill the useful micro organisms.  Then, soak the sock inside.  Aquarium pump and air stones can be useful in the aeration process but these are optional especially when you are just beginning in the field of manufacturing worm tea.  You’ll have to wait until the mixture bubbles and to achieve it (even in the absence of the bubbler), you’ll have to patiently stir the contents inside the bucket.  Just see to it that the sock does not get broken inside.

You have to leave it for about 2-3 days for best results.  Once the tea is ready, strain the contents using cheesecloth.  Learning how to make worm tea is as easy as this.  Just make sure to use the product immediately otherwise, you’ll get foul odor.

With all the benefits from worm tea, you sure can take advantage all of worm composting’s benefits.

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