Garden Caddy. "Tractor Seat on Wheels"


STURDY! The Garden Caddy features the stability of four wheels to handle the big jobs.
COMFORT! Sitting, instead of squatting or kneeling, makes even weeding easier. Tools are within easy reach, too.
EFFICIENT! Awkward and difficult tasks, such as filing and painting, are accomplished quicker and with less effort.
FUN! Even a tedious job like washing whitewall tires is so easy that work becomes enjoyable.
EASY! Eliminate stooping and bending by using the caddy in any application.
RELAX! After the tough chores are done, the caddy still keeps working for your comfort.

*Contoured 360° swivel seat

*Tools and supplies are held in the handy shelf below the seat

*Weighs 34 pounds

*Durable, Easy to use, and EASY on the KNEES! *Load Capacity 300 Pounds

*Heavy Duty 1" Steel Tube Frame.

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