Insect, Disease and Weed I.D. Guide


Insect, Disease and Weed I.D. Guide

Find-it-Fast Organic Solutions for Your Garden
Insect, Disease and Weed I.D. Guide is like four books in one - this thorough and colorful guide provides quick identification of the most common garden pests, diseases, and weeds, and also gives organic solutions for each.
You'll find:
- Keys and tables to help with quick identification
- Color illustrations and color photos for accurate identification
- Information on pests and diseases plaguing vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, and lawns.

You won't find another book that packs in as much useful information . Get more for your money and order today

320 pages
Revised by Linda A. Gilkeson, Ph.D.

Customer Review:

Reviewer: Rob from Kentucky

Excellent general reference for garden help. Good drawings of bugs and the damage they cause, as well as indentifying beneficial bugs and their usefulness. Great photos in the diseases section and more good drawings in the Weed section which also explained the edible benefits many weeds have as well the dangers some have. Of course the major key to all of the sections was the organic means for riddening our gardens of both plant and insect pests without adding poisons to our fruits and vegetables. No other book I've seen combines this organic approach to control of insect, disease and weed problems the way this one does.

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