250 Super Reds / European Nightcrawlers


250 Super Red Worms or European Nightcrawlers

The Super Red Worm (aka European Nightcrawlers, Tiger Worms, The Big Red, Alabama Jumper, Belgian Worm, Super Red, Carolina Crawlers, Blue Worms, Eisenia Hortensis and much more names that you could possibly imagine) is the best worm that one can use as fishing bait and composter.

So why are they such good bait worms and composting worms?! Because of the European Night crawlers' chunkiness and perkiness, they do a good job in attracting fishes and their strong desire for food makes them very efficient composters producing lots of nutritious worm castings in no time.

With its large appetite, it can grow up to 6 inches long – 2 to 5 times bigger than a regular Red Wiggler. Though they are good for worm composting, their specialty is enhancing lawn and garden soils. Apart from nourishing the soil, this Alabama Jumper also "aerates" it by digging up to 5 feet or more of your garden earth.

In addition, the tough European Nightcrawlers has a long shelf life and can stand room temperature for up to 3 weeks longer than regular Red Wiggler worms Gardenworms.com supplies chunky, healthy and fresh Super Reds harvested from our worm farms and delivered straight to your doorstep!

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