500 Super Reds or European Nightcrawlers

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500 Super Red Worms (European Nightcrawlers)

Scientific name Eisenia Hortensis also known as Belgian Worm, Super Red, Alabama Jumper and Carolina Crawlers. These chunky red worms can withstand higher and lower temperatures (including room temperature) and can grow 3 to 5 times bigger than the Red Wiggler worms. They are great for lawn composting because they efficiently aerate the soil or dirt by making burrows of up to 5 to 6 feet.

They are hard working and prolific reproducers and can be used as composting worms, fishing bait and as food worm for your fish and reptiles.


As an expert in worm farming, GardenWorms.com guarantees you that your worms arrive alive and healthy right at your doorstep! If they perish during shipment, we'll immediately resend 500 Super Reds free of charge!

We ship every Monday via USPS Priority Mail. (usually 3 days anywhere in America). FREE SHIPPING on order of 5,000 Red Wiggler Worms!

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