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Red Wiggler worms a.k.a. Eisenia foetida


Welcome to the fascinating path of worm composting! We, at GardenWorms.com share our expertise by offering you a part of our very own co-workers in our very own gardens - our Red Wiggler worms!

Red Wiggler worms are known to be industrious composters that produces nutrient rich castings which we love to call as "black gold". These castings are 5 Times Richer In Nitrogen, 7 Times Richer In Phosphates and 11 Times Richer In Potash than the average top soil!

We guarantee they arrive alive and wriggling and in top shape! Receive 5,000 Red Wiggler worms in various stages of growth. If they die during shipment, we will be more than glad to send you another 5,000 Red Wigglers FREE OF CHARGE!.

We ship every Monday via USPS Priority Mail. (usually 3 days anywhere in America). FREE SHIPPING on order of 5,000 Red Wiggler Worms!

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