Achla Rain Barrel


Achla Rain Barrel - Stylish Wood Grain

This speciality rain barrel holds 50 gallons of fresh, collected rain water in a sturdy antique looking wood grain exterior square barrel.

For practicality this rain barrel has a screen at the top to stop leaves, debris ect. from entering and contaminating the water.

The polycarbonate and reinforced sides will be able to handle many years of use, even with the pressure of being filled with frozen water.The barrel has built-in 4 foot hose with thumb valve that stores neatly in a slot at the top

Very easy to use. Just place it under a downspout and let your practical yet stylish rain barrel do all the work.


Height: 33.5"

Width: 22"

Volume: 50 Gallons

Weight: 18 lbs.

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