Love those Baseball Fan Freebies? You should be Green with Envy of Safeco Fans!

That’s right – we mean green. As in eco-minded, eco-friendly compost green! The Seattle Mariners are following the path they set as a founding member of the Green Sports Alliance recently by offering up a truly unique, and totally organic, FAN freebie at several games during this season. Bags of locally made compost will be given to fans to promote the clubs eco-friendly goals.

Sound a little crazy? Not so says VP for Ballpark Operations for the Seattle Mariners, Scott Jenkins. According to the Seattle Times, Jenkins sees the initiative as a natural growth of the sports industry.

“’We’ve had a culture of consumption,” said Jenkins. “We need to have a culture of conservation.’

Founding members of the alliance include the Seattle Mariners, Seahawks, Storm and Sounders FC, as well as the Portland Trail Blazers and Vancouver, B.C., Canucks. Representatives of their venues are also participating.

Several speakers Monday credited Paul Allen and members of his organization with helping spark the creation of the alliance, along with the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Allen owns the National Football League’s Seahawks and National Basketball Association’s Trail Blazers, and is co-owner of Major League Soccer’s Sounders FC.

Team representatives said each of their groups has been taking steps for years to reduce their energy consumption, waste production and use of natural resources. The alliance will give them tools to measure the success of certain actions, and share the information with other organizations around the country.”

It is initiatives like the Green Sports Alliance that will continue to drive the momentum behind the movement towards composting practices as a norm, not an anomaly. It is a move that must be made,  the sooner, the better for all of us and the planet alike.

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