Use your Yard Debris to Fuel your Compost Bin

This time of year, a lot of people send at least one day of their weekend cleaning up their yard and handling their yard maintenance like removing twigs, fallen branches and leaves or pine needles from their grass and flower bed areas. With the winds of March behind, the debris tends to lessen during the later spring and summer months, so it makes sense to take the time to get yards in order now for summer fun.

An added benefit of this productive yard cleaning is that you’ll have extra food for your worms in your worm compost heap, so the work you put out has a two-fold boon.

SEPARATE YOUR FINDINGS. While you cean you yard, keep your compost bin in mind as you gather sticks and twigs, leaves and needles from your yard. Separate any greens from the browns left over from fall and put them into two separate piles to layer into your bin as you need them.

STOCK UP. Think on the piles from your yard cleaning as your outdoor compost bin’s pantry. Your worms need a good balanced diet of brown and green compost material to maintain the right temperature in their compost bin home. Put your yard debris in two trash cans or bins in a cool dry area of your yard for future feedings.

ADD SOME WORMS. Al this extra food may be a little too much for your current amount of worms, so add some new ones to pick up the compost pace – shop our hearty Super Red Wiggler Worms!

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