All about Nightcrawler Worms

super_red_leftWhat many people do not know about Nightcrawler worms is that they can be as flexible worms as possible.  Known to be the best breed for fishing baits, Nightcrawlers have the guts to be called “fisherman’s best friend” because of their ability to lure fishes at the fastest time and at the most effortless way.

Nightcrawler worms or scientifically called as Lumbricus terrestris have two kinds called the Canadian and European Nightcrawlers.  Although both types are good for fishing, Canadian Nightcrawlers are bigger with a length of 14 inches.  These two are also preferred by those who are fond of fishing because aside from their length, they also have the ability to stay alive for up to minutes even when placed in the hook and submerged in the water.  This will give you more time to tempt the fishes until you finally trap them.  Commonly caught fishes through Nightcrawlers include small mouth bass, tout, carp, catfish, wall eye and large mouth bass.

Now if you are a worm raiser, Nightcawlers are also good because they are by nature hermaphrodite.  This means that they have both the male and female sex organs so even with just two worms on hand, you can already expect reproduction.  They are also not demanding when it comes to food and home.  Organic materials will be more than enough for them and a moist environment will make them even happier.  Should you want to catch them, do it at night especially after a rain because that’s the time when they usually come out.

At the end of the day, if you are tired of fishing, you can also use your Nightcrawler worms for vermicomposting.  Their ability to burrow and consume organic materials makes them suitable for the process thus giving you rich organic fertilizer.

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