Spring Break Project: Start a Garden with your Kids

Looking for some way to fill the spring break time with your school-age kids? Dreading the “I’m bored” statements on days their friends aren’t around? If not. You’re not alone. Parents scramble to fill their kids down time during spring break as a prequel to summer. Why not have them start a garden to grow their own fruits or vegetables? It’s a project that begins now and can continue to be fruitful well on into the summer months. Think of it as the time-filler that keeps on giving!

Location, Location … well, you know…

Have a sunny corner in your yard with no trees or flowers? Clear out the brush, grass and leaves from a 5X8 foot area and rotatil down about three inches. If you don’t have any clear yard area, consider buying a small plastic kiddie pool or wooden box around the same size and place it where it will get regular sun for about 6-8 hours a day. Want to increase the time and effort investment for the kids? Have them use metal rakes to dig down through the top spoil.

Pick your Poison

Are you planting tomatoes? Carrots? String beans? Radishes? Do you want edible flowers in your garden? Let the kids choose 3 or 4 different products to plant and have them read the planting instructions to decide on placement. Once you have your garden mapped out, you can buy your plant or seeds and get ready to plant.

Feed and Protect

Using compost from your bin or some you have purchased, layer about 1 inch across the garden surface before placing seeds. Throw a little in the hole with seeds or roots to enhance growth.

Add red wiggler worms into your garden to increase the nutrient level of the ground. They’ll much their way to a better garden for you.

To keep local pests (think bunnies, cats, stray dogs, raccoons) out of your garden, layer about an inch thick row of clean cat litter around your garden borders.  The “hint” of cat is enough to keep them from munching your freshly-grown produce.

Have your ids manage the garden watering, weeding and produce collection. They’ll love seeing the results of their labor and you’ll enjoy some downtime knowing they’re not parked in front of the television or game console.

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