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Holiday Compost Prep: Easter and Composting

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Here Comes Peter Cottontail, and his baskets full of plastic-wrapped candy, plastic Easter straw and other amenities. Are you planning on having the family over for Easter Sunday? If so, chances are you’ve been shopping, doing your part to help out the Easter Bunny in his appointed rounds. The rituals and holiday celebrating that lead up to Easter can create a significant amount of waste, so this year, try to keep your celebration eco-friendly with the following tips:

Basket Filler

No. we’re not talking about the sweet treats and marshmallow peeps inevitably will fill the kids Eater baskets, we mean the Easter straw that causes the needle-in-a-haystack home for the jellybeans they get. In lieu of the plastic version, opt for the recycled paper straw for your baskets. It comes in a variety of gay colors and you can recycle it again once you’re done with it, or use it in your compost bin.

Sweets to Eat

So, we’re not at the point where kids want fruit in their Easter baskets (yet), but many times the chocolate and candy treats come in packaging kids have to shred to get to the delectable contents inside. Have your kids throw away their wrappers, containers and cardboard boxes to the recycle bin, not the trash.

Dinner Time

Having ham or roast turkey for dinner? Extra places to set at the table? Using reusable plates , cups and silverware in lieu of paper, plastic or Styrofoam may cause you to load the dishwasher an extra time, but there will be nothing more to go into the landfill after your meal.

Waste Not

When the festivities have died down and the plates are being scraped, be sure to toss all the food scraps except the meat and oils into your compost materials bin. Then take the scraps out to your compost bin and give your red wiggler worms an Easter feast of their own.