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Live in a Loft? Compost Options for Apartment Dwellers

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Renters in Boulder Colorado are trying to do the right thing by composting their leftovers, but the 2008 ordinance allowing for 32 gallons of compostables set out at the curbside only applied to single family homes.

According to the Boulder Camera, “Multi-family units are the holy grail, the ultimate challenge for recyclables and compostables,” says Dan Matsch, manager of the compost department at the nonprofit recycler Eco-Cycle. “You have a whole bunch of diverse people living in the same building. You have limited capacity.

Although several apartment complexes and condos have begun adding compost to their trash and recycling services, having a public place for peels is still often a challenge for the 38 percent of residents who live in buildings that don’t fall under the ordinance.

Property managers need to know that their tenants take composting seriously before they will agree to spring for the service, says Shireen Miller, residential sustainability specialist with the city’s Environmental Affairs office. “If it’s contaminated, it gets hauled as trash and that’s an extra fee,” she adds”

Like this situation in Colorado, disposing of composting in an apartment, when you have no outdoor real estate to call your own, can seem complicated.

To go green with composting without having to deal with potentials hassles with your apartment management office, use an indoor composter to create your loamy soil, which you can then drop into pots on your stoop pr porch to grow plants veggies and fruit.

Some options of indoor composters are:

The Worm Factory

The Worm Composter


The Worm Factory

Kitchen Composter

See more of our indoor compost options here.

NOTE: If you have more self-made soil than you can use, offer it to your grounds keeping crew to be used in the gardens and shrub lines of your complex