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Composting and Yard Care Alternatives

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

How about considering worm composting as part of your yard care alternatives?  It sounds good right? Instead of you spending much money for commercial fertilizers, you can already save by resorting to this alternative.  What else aside from being cost effective?  Simply put, organic composting is undoubtedly health wise.

Going Organic through Worm Composting

Worm Casting

Worm Casting

There can be no better way to handle your garden than by going organic.  What’s the first yard care alternative that you must put in mind?  It is establishing a healthy soil for your plants.

This is not a difficult task.  You would only need red wiggler worms or red worms for you to have successful and productive compost.  These worms are highly recommended when doing worm composting because they process wastes as much as their weight.  So once the process is done and you already have your vermicompost, you are already sure to have a healthy garden although you should be careful in choosing the right composting worms.  If you don’t have, then buy earthworms whose kind is also red worm.

Worm Composting plus Mulching Equals a Healthy Yard

After having the compost, mulch at least 3-5 inches of it.  This will provide protection to your plants by preventing weeds.

Chemicals as the Last Option

We understand that you may really be worried about your plants especially when weeds begin to grow and when pests and insects begin to ruin what you have worked for.   In situations when you see pests in the leaves of your plant, what do you normally do?  Do you get your pesticide inside your home and immediately spray it to your garden?  It’s actually wrong.

Often times, physical remedies are also important and should always be taken into consideration.  You may want to try removing the pest first with your hands to keep it from damaging your plant.  You can also use organic pesticides, traps or fabric row covers as preventive measures for pests.

And when you reach the point that you would really need insecticides and pesticides, choose the product that would not kill even the beneficial insects.  Be wise; choose the least toxic products.  Get the one that would not endanger your garden, your environment and most especially your health.

Other Yard Care Alternatives

When watering your plants, do not over do it.  To prevent evaporation, you should only water it early in the morning or in the evening.  Also, use water timers so that you provide only the right amount to your plants.

Consider “grasscycling” wherein if you mow 1-2 inches grass, you should not take those clippings away.  These are good providers of fertilizers.

Lastly, when you find a single or small damage in your plant, let natural predators take care of the problem.  Spraying pesticides immediately may worsen the problem.

Easy?  Yes it is.  Your yard will grow without you spending much for it.  Again, consider these alternatives provided such as worm composting and you will never ever regret.  Recommends:

1000 Red Wiggler worms for vermicomposting

1000 Red Wiggler worms for vermicomposting

1000 Red Wiggler worms for having that perfect organic fertilizer called worm castings. Also known as “black gold” the precious worm poop is nature’s ultimate organic fertilizer that will definitely help condition your soil for healthier, greener and beautiful plants.