Facts about Vermicomposting

handful of composting worms

handful of composting worms

Vermicomposting or worm composting is actually one of the most effective ways in obtaining a good natural fertilizer for your plants.  It is a process wherein decomposer organisms such as red worms would be working with organic wastes to come up with what we call the vermicompost.

So what are the facts that we actually need to know about this?

First, you need to know that the regular earthworms that we see in our gardens are not good for worm composting.  Red Wiggler worms should be used when you are planning to have one at home.

Second, vermicomposting has two main functions.  First is that it serves as a fertilizer and the second one is that it serves as a soil conditioner.  In fact, according to a researcher named Clive Edwards, its product will add plant enzymes like cellulase and phosphates.
Moreover, it also adds plant hormones like gibberellic acid.

Third, research shows that with our household wastes, 1/2- to 1/3 of them are actually organic.  Therefore, if everyone would consider worm composting, a huge amount of wastes will actually be used for something more beneficial.  When we say benefits, we are not only talking about environmental benefits but self benefits as well.  Why?  Simply because if you have a natural fertilizer for your garden, you are likely to have a good produce.

Fourth, it was found out that the level of pathogens like biosolid in waste materials are greatly reduced through the process of vermicomposting.

Do you also know why Red Wiggler worms (Eisenia foetida) are more preferred composting worms rather than the regular earthworms?  It is because these kinds of worms actually move stealthily for about 6 until 12 inches underground allowing them to be perfectly suited for compost.  Also, ordinary earthworms when added to an indoor worm bin may eventually die.

Another is that with these composting worms, you can be sure that there is no toxic substance in the soil.

Fifth, vermicomposting is already becoming a trend.  To give a proof to that claim, the City of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada actually provides the people with worm bins to encourage them.

Sixth, vermicomposting is not the typical “awful smelling” process.  You will no longer have to worry about your neighbor who may smell something that is not good in your premises.

Seventh, I believe you would want your composting worms to work properly, right?  If you do not have red worms yet, you may buy earthworms of this kind.  So once you have them, feed them properly, and give them a good temperature because they would normally prefer 55-75 degree temperature.  If you do this, your worms can multiply in just 90 days.

So see now how and why vermicomposting is something that catches everyone’s attention?  Aside from this is something that can be done easily at home, the benefits that we get from the process are more than the effort that we put into the work.

Experience and learn more fun facts about worm composting. The best way to do it is trying it out!

If you’re looking to begin with your worm composting adventure, our Worm Ranch Kit is a good start.

Worm Ranch Kit

Worm Ranch Kit

For $79.99 you’ll get:

  1. 2,000 Red Wigglers
  2. Starter bedding
  3. 6 month feed supply (Our special blend is sure to have your worms thriving!)
  4. Moisture retaining burlap
  5. Detailed Instructions
  6. 16” L x 22”H 11” H Plastic Container

If you’re serious about vermicomposting, this is the perfect worm composting kit for you. Read more details or order the Worm Ranch Kit here.

Do you have vermicomposting questions or problems? Share it with us here and we will answer it as soon as we can!

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