Red Wiggler Worms for Garden

red wiggler worms for your gardenYour garden wouldn’t look any better without organic fertilizer.  Aside from being chemical free, organic fertilizer also provides plants with nutrients that are really good for your family’s health.  Talking about organic, one way to have it as by vermicomposting through the use of Red Wiggler worms.

Red wiggler worms are very famous as composting worms.  The fact that they are voracious eaters of organic materials is already something.  They can consume as much as their body weight which means that the more they consume, the more wastes are converted to dark and nutrient-rich byproduct.  Red worms are also not choosy when it comes to food.  You can make them happy even with just your kitchen scraps and grass cuttings.  Just be careful in giving them foods that are with oil, insecticides or pesticides because it will surely lead to your worms’ death.  Also, be careful with your worm bin’s location because they only prefer moist environment.  A temperature of 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit would be perfect.

Another advantage that Red worms have is their ability to dig deeper into the soil.  They can burrow up to inches deep which makes the soil even more fertile.  It also improves the aeration of the soil.  When they have already produced their castings, the more that you can admire the characteristics of Red Wiggler worms.  Their waste is your benefit.  When those castings will be applied in your garden, your plants are sure to get the right nutrients.  In case you want the nutrients to be made available immediately, you can make a compost tea out of the castings and spray it directly to your plants.  This will help your plants’ water and nutrient holding capacity strengthened.  An organic fertilizer will also ensure that leeching is reduced so you will be worry free if you maximize the product of Red Wiggler worms.

So if you are really after a garden that is 100% healthy, raise Red Wiggler worms, do vermicomposting and enjoy the unlimited benefits of your vermicompost. The time and effort that you will invest will all come back to you abundantly.

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